Local ingredients for fresh, sustainable meals.


Served till 11

CHICKEN N’ WAFFLE - Buttermilk fried chicken and crispy waffle - 16.

CHILAQUILES - House made corn tortilla chips, roasted chili sauce, cheese, sour cream, farm egg and pickled onions - 16.

PROVISIONS BREAKFAST PLATE - 2 Napa Farm eggs, hash browns, ACME bread, bacon, butter and house made jam - 14.

SMOTHERED BREAKFAST BURRITO - Hash browns, scrambled eggs, swiss, avocado OR bacon smothered in a house made roasted chili sauce - 11 (vegan option)

CROISSANT SANDWICH - Scrambled eggs, cheddar, avocado OR bacon - 8.5

AVOCADO TOAST - ACME levain, radish, mint, furikake 10. (add egg or bacon 3.  add side salad 3.50)

FARMERS MARKET QUICHE - Seasonal vegetables, housemade flaky crust, cheese -  9.  add side salad 12.5



Served till 3


BUTTER BURGER - Wagyu beef, white bbq sauce, caramelized onions, house made pickles, American cheese, arugula 18. (add fried egg 2. bacon, avocado 3. extra patty 5.)

FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICH- Buttermilk fried chicken thigh, cilantro slaw, secret sauce, house made pickles  - 17.

BLACK BEAN WALNUT BURGER - Chipotle, arugula, pickled red onion, sliced avocado, vegan tandoori aioli, potato bun -15.5

TUNA MELT - Wild albacore, edamame, carrots, fresh herbs, cheddar, avocado, open faced on ACME levain 15.

GRILLED CHEESE - ACME levain, cheddar 11. (add fried egg 2. bacon, avocado 3. make it "The Works" 16.)

FARMERS MARKET QUICHE - Seasonal vegetables, house made flaky crust, cheese -  9.  add side salad 12.5

PROVISIONS BLT - Applewood bacon, farmer's market heirloom tomatoes, baby gems, chipotle aioli

add fried egg 2. add avocado 3.  15.



AVOCADO TACOS - Deep-fried avocado, chipotle sauce, pickled slaw, corn tortillas (VG/GF) - 13.

TERIYAKI BOWL - Brown rice, veg, avocado, fried chicken, Napa farm egg OR roasted tofu (VG) - 16.


FANCY BITCH FRIES - Sustainable caviar, truffle, parmesan, sour cream - 26.

GARBAGE FRIES - Cheese, pickled cabbage, avocado, scallions, ranch - 14.

KIMCHI FRITTERS - Brown rice, swiss, kimchi, edamame, scallion - 10.

BLISTERED SHISHITOS - Summer peppers with olive oil - 10.

SUMMER CORN - Brentwood corn grilled on the cob, mayo, tajin, cotija, cilantro - 5.

VEGAN SAMOSAS - with tandoori aioli or mango chutney - 11.